Grill Lava Rock

Eastwood Stone have two quarries of red lava rock, which is combined with red, purple, grey, black colors. We call it red grill lava rocks. The red grill lava rocks are perfect for gas BBQ and charcoal grills. The lava rocks works like charcoal. When the grill lava rock with fire, it becomes more even heating, glowing and avoid food burned. It will keep the original food taste. It’s eco friendly fuel material to instead of coal or firewood. It’s ideal for camping BBQ or BBQ Picnics for indoors or outdoors. We pack our red grill lava rocks in different ways upon customer’s request. For example, 20kgs per weave bag, 600-750kgs per ton bag, 2kgs, 2,5 kgs or 3kgs per bag. Sometimes customers prefer more luxury packing in 2kgs/ 2.5kgs/ 3kgs per bag and then in gift box. We had exported our red grill lava rocks to worldwide, such as UK, Ireland, USA, Canada etc.