Grill Stone

Grill Stone is called steak stones, baking stones, barbeque stone or rocks on the grill. Eastwood Stone have been engaging in grill stones for more than 10 years. We produce grill stones in very tiny porous volcanic stones and medium porous volcanic stones. Our grill stone will let the food sizzle and cook to mouth-watering perfection, right in front of them while seated at the dinner table. They can be used indoors or outdoors and great for parties, picnics or give as a cherished gift for the foodie in your life!
The grill stone has more critical request on selecting material. 
Each grill stone has to be FDA safe and Eco Friendly.
The grill stone will endure high temperature. Each grill stone from us are chosen from hundreds of different volcanic stones. We only use those won’t explore during cooking.
Why choose the grill stones from Eastwood Stone?
Our grill stones come with FDA & LFGB certification, SGS certification.
Our grill stones are made of 100% volcanic stones, which is rich in sodium, magnesium, aluminum, silicon, calcium, manganese, iron, phosphorus and nickel. It is very healthy and exclusive.
It’s an accent but innovation way to cooking on our grill rocks. It’s so healthy cooking without oils or fats. It’s magic on your food. It’s where a social food gathering meets the dining table for a highly interactive cooking and dining experience.  You and your guests, each with his own Lava Rock Grill Stone set, will be able to have a unique DIY cooking experience while enjoying each other’s company, gathered around the dinner table.
You can order grill stones from us just the stone in bulk packing or complete set with a stainless tray and bamboo serving tray in gift box.
It’s amazing to enjoy foods with our grill stones and keep your food in natural flavor!