Pizza Stones

Eastwood Stone mainly working on two types of pizza stone. One is cordierite pizza stone and the other one is ceramic pizza stone. Both of them are perfect for pizza stone. However, the Cordierite pizza stone can take higher temperature like 800℃ and the ceramic pizza stone take around 200-300 ℃. So the cost for Cordierite pizza stone is higher than than the ceramic pizza stone. Pizza stone is also famous as baking stone, which will help you to make hot spots evenly while cooking and create more consistent browned crusts. We produce pizza stones in round, square, rectangular, oval shapes and there is white, yellow, cream, black colors available for your choice. The best sold sizes are 12”, 14”, 18” etc. Furthermore, you can order the pizza stone with steel racks, pizza cuter.
Baking your bread, pizza, rolls or biscuits with our Pizza Stone for For Crispier, Better Baked Crusts!