Stone Frying Pan

It’s a new way of making steaks, pizza, fish, meats or other foods on our stone frying pan. Our stone Frying pan is made of FDA &LFGB natural stone, which contains 26 kinds of mineral components and good to human body. 30% of the heat of the stone is transmitted in the far infrared ray, so that the pot reaches the cooking temperature of 220~260 °within 5 minutes. Far-infrared rays can penetrate food, transfer heat to the inside of the food, heat up faster, and keep the food fresh and pure taste. After the stone frying pan is heated, it will release the heat gently. After heating, the stone will keep hot for a longer time. The temperature can be controlled within 260 degrees for a long time. It is a recognized cooking temperature for nutrition and health. Good food preservation, no carcinogens due to high temperatures. You can enjoy cooking healthy and yummy foods with with granite cookware but without go to restaurant and save a lot of cost.