Natural Whisky Stones

Natural Whisky stones is called chilling rocks, sipping stone, ice stone, ice rock, whiskey rock, whiskey on rocks, stone ice cubes or whiskey stones etc. It’s a revolutionary idea to cool spirits. You can drink without dilution with our natural whisky stones. Furthermore, it will keep your spirits flavor as it chills. The natural whisky stones never change your original taste as the ice cubes for its dilution.
Eastwood Stone produce natural whisky stones in different materials.
Marble Whiskey stones
Granite Whisky stones
Soapstone Whisky stones
Why Choose Natural Whisky Stones for your cool liquors?
It’s the best way to use our natural whisky stones instead of ice cubes. Because our natural whiskey stones never melts and never change the real taste of your spirits.
Each ice stone cube is made of 100% finest natural stone and FDA approved.
Our rocks are with a round edges and never scratch your glass.
Perfect gift for father’s day, Christmas or other holidays. Meanwhile, it’s a good idea of company products’ promotion. You can engrave your logo on our cubes or the package. The best sold designs is 9 cubes with black pouch in gift box. However, we can pack in different way upon your request.
We cut our natural whisky rocks from our own quarries and our cost is very competitive. 
Just wash them after use and keep the rocks dry for next use. They can be reusable for years. 
Enjoy your spirits with our natural whisky stones and chilling your liquors in an exclusive way!