Stainless Ice Cubes

Besides the natural stone whisky stones, we also produce reusable stainless ice cubes. Food grade 304 stainless steel and the inside with drinkable coolant, which can cool your spirit rapidly. Our stainless ice cubes can be pack in different quantities and various way upon customer request. 
Compare to natural stone whisky stones, the stainless ice cubes have bellowing advantages.
They will be more flexible in shapes or sizes by opening models. We have square stainless ice cubes, heart shape stainless ice cubes, oval or round stainless ice cubes etc.
Color is more consistence than natural stone whisky stones. They can be Polished better and never scratch your drink ware. You can shake your glass cup and enjoy your drinks.
Much more complicated logos can be etching on the stainless steel ice cubes
You can order the stainless ice cubes with an ice tong.
Perfect for spirits like whisky, wines, beers and color, beverage and juice etc.
Modern and fashionable way for chilling spirits.
Same as natural whisky stones, we provide the stainless ice cubes in different package.
8 stainless steel ice cubes per box with or without an ice tong
6 stainless ice cubes per box with or without an ice tong
4 Stainless ice cubes per pvc box
Bulk packing with opp bags in cartons etc.
Enjoy your spirits with our stainless steel ice cubes for a quick chilling in 2-3 minutes but long-lasting cooling! Never dilute or change your pure favor!